Wage Garnishment Calculator

Wage Garnishment Calculator

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1. From Section 2(b) of the Order
2. From Section 2(b)(1) of the Order

Wage Garnishment Calculator Results

How the Wage Garnishment Calculator can help you

Wage Garnishment Calculator will help you calculate the wage garnishment amount to be withheld from the debtor’s disposable pay.

How to use the Wage Garnishment Calculator

1. Select the “Pay Period”;

2. Enter the “Gross Earnings”;

3. Enter the Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax, State Taxes, Applicable City and Local Taxes, Health Insurance Premiums, Involuntary Pension Contributions, State Unemployment and Disability Taxes, Other Withholding with Priority in the withholding column.

4. Enter the Minimum Hourly Wage, Percentage, Multiplier, Minimum Net Pay Allowed, Percentage in the Default Settings column.

5. Click on the “Calculate” button to get the results for Total Deductions, Disposable Earnings, 25% of Disposable Earnings, 25% Disposable Earnings Amount, Excess of 30X Federal Minimum Wage, Wages Subject to Garnishment, Student Loan Garnishment Amount.